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What is it? Get and give help identifying animal and plant species.

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Title of the Post Author Number of comments
What are these? Jan 3 comments
Ravensbourne School Ravensbourne School 2 comments
Black orange striped squishy round ?anemone Jessicaboo 1 comments
Some kind of sea squirt? Mike 1 comments
Is this a dehydrated jellyfish? Tessa 1 comments
Year 13 assessment help mackenziehw 3 comments
Back Beach Second Trip Room 2 Ravens 0 comments
Long thin creature Werner-Murray Family 3 comments
Mystery Seaweed.. Miss Benwell 1 comments
Zeacumantus horn snail? urchin 2 comments
Lumpy brown jelly weed - Leathesia? urchin 1 comments
What is this? Victoria 1 comments
Who layed these nudibranch eggs? Adam Illingworth 1 comments
Shrimp/Prawn? Help... Adam Illingworth 2 comments
Jellyfish species? Adam Illingworth 3 comments
Is this an egg mass? Adelle 1 comments
Sea Cucumbers Sally 3 comments
Germinating plant or animal? Keith Chong,East Auckland 2 comments
What is this Anemone? macraes Moonlight School 3 comments
Nudibranchs? JonasJG 3 comments
Which species of crab? Adam Illingworth 1 comments
New Zealand Marine Life App Sally 1 comments
Some kind of green algae? Mike 2 comments
Is this the Red Beadlet Anemone KRichards 1 comments
A question on ID's Mike 2 comments
Limpet Tony 1 comments
What sort of whelk? Jan 6 comments
Whats this brown algae? Mike 3 comments
Help please :) Central Auckland KCC 3 comments
Unidentified sea weeds dbartley 1 comments
More Seaweeds from Otago Harbour dbartley 1 comments
What species are these? Adelle 1 comments
what is this seaweed? found in the intertidal zone Dave/Josh 3 comments
What is this? Dave/Josh 2 comments
What species of Crab is this? Mairangi Bay School 1 comments
Green algae? Central Auckland KCC 2 comments
Small orange worms Dave/Josh 2 comments
Ringaringa Mm2 halfmoonbayschool 1 comments
Is this immature sea lettuce? Jan 2 comments
Help identify this anemone NZMSC Teach 3 comments
Help Identifying Please... Rosebenns 2 comments
Unusual small anemone Tony 2 comments
What is this worm? Maya C 1 comments
Makara Mystery... Davina Hunt 1 comments
Longford Intermediate School 1 comments
Thousands of tiny white or off white swimming creatures Adelle 1 comments
What is this green and yellow marine worm? Tessa 2 comments
Radiate limpet? urchin 1 comments
Diloma spotted top shell? urchin 4 comments
Fireworms Sally 0 comments
Unusual eggs Tessa 1 comments
Mussel on seaweed? Jan 1 comments
Whelk and chiton urchin 2 comments
Columnar barnacles? urchin 2 comments
Xiphophora chondrophylla? urchin 1 comments
Sea Squirt - but which one? tangatawhenua 1 comments
Another sea squirt - I think tangatawhenua 1 comments
Creepy green creature Broad Bay School 0 comments
Nudibranch Eggs Sally 1 comments
Luminescent Shrimp Adelle 0 comments
Mystery Crustacean Sally 1 comments
Maybe a Cat Worm? Mels 3 comments
Jelly Coils Sally 3 comments
Red Sea Urchin Tessa 1 comments
Jellyfish at Aramoana? Tessa 2 comments
What type of sea slug? Sally 1 comments
Identifying limpet egg masses found in the Catlins Tessa 0 comments
Jellyfish ID Tessa 1 comments
Knobbly sea creature found on shore Tessa 0 comments
Eggs or Worm Casts? Tessa 1 comments
What are these? Waikowhai School 1 comments
Is this a sea slug? Tessa 0 comments