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Sediments and seashores - 13/6/18

By 10CrlScience

On the 13/6/18, our group (minus Amber as she wasn't able make it) went back out to Quarantine Island to collect a second lot of data for the University of Otago's 'Sediment and Seashores' study. 

As this was our second trip, we were able to take down information and identify species much more quickly. Today we were lucky enough to find many different species of both animals and plants that we did not spot on our first trip, including two Duckbilled Limpets and several Common Triplefins and even some of their nests and eggs. This made our second trip all the more fun and exciting for everyone.

We are still hoping to find some conclusion to the questions posed by the study, but I guess that for now we will just have to wait and see.

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