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Sediment and Seashores

By 10CrlScience

On 16/03/18, Otago Girls 9Pa, traveled to Quarantine Island to help the University of Otago conduct an mm2 survey as a part of the sediment and seashores project. The survey was about the impact of dredging in the Otago Harbour on the local marine life.

As of this moment we have not found out how our quadrant surveys have impacted the research but we are interested in the statistics that we have collected. The majority in the low tide zone were horned snails, of which there were hundreds. They were also the majority of animal life in the mid tide zone, in which the numbers were thousands. Our collected data shows that there is certainly an abundance of life, yet there was also plenty of mud and sediment in the water.

Now our group (Lily Hamblin, Hetty Finney Waters, Amber Pringle and Lara Tyndall) have a few questions:

  • How will our data be used to improve our harbour's marine life?
  • Did our data show that conditions have increased or decreased in quality in regards to the dredging?
  • If things have been decreasing in quality, what can we do to change that?

We hope to find the answers to these questions by keeping in touch with the University about how things are going with their research.

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