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A day at the shore

By 10CrlScience

Good arvo every1

My name is sofia amer and im here with my bestie brita and we are writing about our morning on the island. 
We are out here on the 20th of september doing the sediment and seashore island representing our school proudly otago girls high school.

we have been trying to find out f there was more or less sediment here at the sea shore compared to the last time we were here. 

Our datatells us that...

We found less sediment this time around. We observed that more plankton were eating the animals in the first visit compared to the second. 

The air tempreture was warmer by 0.2 celcious the second time while the sea tempreture waswarmer by 1.7 degrees. 

We found 2 more types of animals that didnt move the first time around the first time around compared to the second. We found more plant types the second time around. We found less animals the second time around and low tide was a lot later than the first time we visited. 

Now we are wondering weather dredging does affect the harbour as there was less sediment the second time around. The next steps in our study are to hand the study over to the experts. 

Here is a photo showing our quadrat. 


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