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The rocky shore at Broad Bay

By Broad Bay School

25th August 2017

When we went down to yellow head it was low tide and a beautiful day. Once we put out our metre squares we found a lot of animals.Some of them include: 15 small limpets, 7 brittle stars and the whole group found 5 warty nudibranks.

Our group also found over 1,000 horn snails,so far the findings we have had have been awesome!

After we finnished reaserch on low tide we moved our grid up to mid tide. we found pleanty of interesting creatures including: An Icopod(male), and there were at least 77 beaked barnicals,and a range of different worms ( not the ones you find in the garden!),but there was no seaweed at all! We also found 21 top snails, 25 hairy chitons and 5 snakeskin chitons.Over all we had some pretty cool finds.Can't wait to visit the shore again!

Ayla and Amie on behalf of our group!


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