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Funny and special

By Broad Bay School

Again Broad Bay school went on a amazing adventure to Yellow Head Beach and lucky enough they went without the yr7's because we were away on ski camp. The sun that day was beating down, so the extra layers they had brought were practically usless. With all of the coats piled on a rock and splashes and squeaks of "Its cold!" coming from the direction of the water, the Broad Bay troop was ready for action. They split into groups of 4-5 and ran over to their designated squares, and picked one of the four squares while the other writes down the DATA on paper. The children got tired quickly in the heat of the day and soon many were itching to get into the water and have a soothing relaxing swim. Suddenly someone yelped "I have found a warty nudy branche." And that was only the begining of many more findings of the warty nudy branche. When they arrived their gumboots littered the doorstep wet and sandy, this is proof that we are making a change, no more plastic in the sea, now we only need to stop the dredgeing and even if we sucessed we still need to help they sea revive itself afterwards  and lucky we have Marine Metre Squared to help us! We will make a change. 

by: Alannah-Mae Medeiros 

School: Broad Bay 

group: Eben, Dylan, Suki, Alannah-Mae 

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