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Camo Crab

By St Brigid's Room 5

The Camo Crab

We went on a sediment and seashore project ,we did the Mm2 surveys to see what diffrent species of animals.We went to dowling bay on the 22\8\17 at 9:40.We went as a class which is St Brigids school Room5.   


The most interesting thing we found was a camo crab.We found the crabs when  one of our classmates , was looking for things underwater and something bit him on the finger and then he picked it up and put it in the ice cream box.


It looked very slimy and hariy because it had seaweed on it.Whyits called Camo Crab -How it protects itself is getting seaweed around its local area so its predoters cant see it.



coolAnd thats what we thought of the Camo Crab!cool

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