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Broad Bay school goes to Yellow Head

By Broad Bay School

 On wedness day (28th June) the seniors of broad bay school went down to Yellow Head to do the marine metre squared study. The seniors found lots of interesting anamals, ranging from crabs to sponges to snails and star fish, aswell as lots of outher interesting creatures. we were lucky enough to find triple fins hiding  under rocks looking after lots and lots of little eggs, which was cool to see.

 luckily the weather was nice, with the sun sun shining bright and no sine of wind, it even made 10 C fell nice. the same goes for the water at 10 C and calm. 

we went to Yellow Head at low tide, so we could see the anamals with out having to go snorkling. when we got there Sally sientist had already set up the five 5 meter squares. we were devided into f diferent groups whith five people in each square. Each meter square was devided into quaters whith one persone recording.

we hadn lots of fun and hope we can do it again.            


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