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Sea Creatures

By Broad Bay School

It was a warm winter day and the Broad Bay seniors had their gumboots on and their coats wrapped tightly around them. We trooped down to the shore in single file, crossing the road in groups of six. When we reached the beach we spread out and started walking for the other side of the beach, we got to walk with our friends until we rounded the corner, we clambered over the bolders and grouped around Sally and Adam who would be teaching us, amazingly it was boiling so there was a massive pile of coats on one of the bolder. Then we split of into our groups of five or four and grouped around the our choosen meter squares to exasm the contents. Straight away we wanted to lift rocks and find creatures and put them in an icecream container all of the groups were given, but our spirits were drowned because first we had to do the seaweed, the temperter of the sea and the air, the types of rocks and the location( which wasn't hard! ) When all of those were done we could explore the rocks, finding different wonders and seaweeds, which all had a turn in our one small icecream container. After a wonderous hour and a half we packed up and trooped back to school, water sloshing in our gumboots our coats in our arms talking about what we had just experance. Thats why these trips are so important, we need to protect our harbour from the Port Otagos dregging! frown

By: Alannah-Mae 

School:Broad Bay

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By Broad Bay School

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