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Jellyfish at Aramoana?

By Tessa

Emily Sharpe and her family family went for a walk down the beach at Aramoana on Sunday 29th January and came across hundreds of things all over the beach that they thought might be jellyfish.  They ranged in size from about 5-20cm across and looked like round blobs of clear jelly. Can someone help to identify them from these photos, and let us know if they're poisonous or not?

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They could be the blue jelly fish, Cyanea lamarckii. Can be a bit bluer, but they often have that blue edge to the bell. If so, not terribly toxic, however all jellys can sting, even when dead, so treat with caution and don't let the dog playwith/eat them!


By Jean

Ass Prof Miles Lamare (Deparment of Marine Science, University of Otago) has suggested it coudl be the jellyfish - Pelagia noctiluca  - although very difficult to tell when only part of the animal remains! This oceanic species drifts into coastal water. When alive it luminesces when disturbed.

By Sally

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