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Weird and Wonderful

Beaked Whales!

By Jean

On Christmas Eve I was lucky enough to be on the Monarch and we spotted these Arnoux's Beaked Whales! The largest was 9-10m long and they had a kind of slanted "bushy" blow. The skin was quite scarred. Large melon and beak. They had a small, shallow, triangular dorsal fin. This is a most unusual sighting as these whales are normally off-shore and deep water.

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Wow, what a treat! How far off the Dunedin coast were you?

By Sally

Hi Sally, not far off at all, at one stage they would have been a few meters off Taiaroa Heads.

Sadly they may have been stressed or had a sick pod member as Will Rayment (whale scientist) says it's unusual to have them this close to shore and the tightly grouped pod is very unusual too.

But maybe on their holidays?


By Jean

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