Spengler's Trumpet Snail (Cabestana spengleri)


This snail was found by Fairfield Primary School (Dunedin) during a survey as part of our Marine Monitoring workshops in Otago. Staff on hand were not sure what it was so posted some photos of it on iNaturalist (www.inaturalist.nz). Using the assistance of others, it was determined that this snail was Spengler's Trumpet Snail (Cabestana spengleri). Fun fact: The snail is named after Lorenz Spengler a Danish turner and naturalist! (Atlas of Living Australia, 2020). Although the Spengler's Trumpet Snail has a nationwide distribution, often in beach drift and below low tide (Raven & Bracegirdle, 2011) ans can be found down to depths of 180 metres (Univeristy of Otago NZMSC, 2020)!

This snail it is uncommon in Southern New Zealand but is more frequently found in the North Island with Parengarenga Harbour in Northland being a well-known place to find the Spengler's Trumpet Snail (Raven & Bracegirdle, 2011). It often has a thick hairy coating that has a velvet like texture and also can make the snail to appear golden brown (Univeristy of Otago NZMSC, 2020). Depending on the exposure of the location, snails found in more sheltered location will have taller, more slender spires compared to those found in more exposed areas (Univeristy of Otago NZMSC, 2020).

What a great find by these students! What will you find in your square.... 

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