COVID-19 Update


Due to current situation with the level 4 COVID-19 national lockdown,getting to the seashore may not be possible for everyone. However the seashore is within your local neighbourhood, why not take the time to get to know your local neighbours. How many different animals and plants can you find? You can download one of our handy guides off MM2 Guides and Activity Books and count how many you see!

Doing an Mm2 survey is easy!  You can watch a video on how to do it here - Introduction to Marine Metre Squared. Or if your local shore is muddy or sandy, follow this step by step instruction - Sandy Shore Marine Metre Squared

The main piece of equipment is a square (1 m x 1 m) otherwise known as a quadrat. Quadrats are a very useful tool for scientific research as they can be used for a range of different environments and can be any size (see Science Learning Hub: Quadrat for more information). Using a quadrat is like having a window to the seashore – it allows you to focus you attention onto a smaller area as opposed to trying to survey the whole shoreline in one go (which would be a VERY challenging task!)

You can easily make your own quadrat as shown by this article here: Making and Using a Quadrat. But you can get creative with the materials you use! String, bamboo, plastic, flax can all be used to make a quadrat. We would love to see what you come up with. Be sure to email us your photos of quadrats to so we can share them.

 If you don’t live near the shore, you can still make a quadrat and practice using it in your backyard and survey the plants and animals living there. Then you can upload what you find to iNaturalist or try use the iNaturalist app (or Seek app for those younger explorers).

MM2 is a great way to practice some basic literacy and numeracy skills and to spend some time outdoors. Just remember to keep your distance from other people not inside your bubble. And be careful where you step.

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Stay safe.

Kia kaha New Zealand!​

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