After the storm has passed, what can be found on the shores?


If you are looking for a good time to stumble across a new marine creature on the shore, after a storm is your best bet! Sally Carson was wandering the shores of Tomahawk Beach and was able to capture some stunning photos of pelagic gooseneck barnacles. If these barnacles leave their pelagic habitat and end up on shore they will not survive long and perish. Luckily for us, these specimens had only just washed ashore from a storm the night before. 

Pelagic gooseneck barnacles are filter feeders, like other barnacles. They pump sea water in and filter out plankton to feed on. The barnacles can be found on washed up seaweed and driftwood, even on trash sometimes. Once the larvae settle, they are sessile, and will stay attached to that surface for the rest of their lives. Where that surface floats, it goes!


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