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This Lantern fish was found on Allan’s Beach. The big eyes, large mouth and the light-producing photophores on its sides were identifying features of a fish usually found in deeper waters. It has many of the same characteristics that you see on other deep-water fish, such as those portrayed in the deep-sea sub experience at the New Zealand Marine Studies Centre.  

Staff at the NZ Marine Studies Centre thought it was a Lanternfish.

Confirmed that it is a Hectors Lantern fish, Lampanyctodes hectoris, and not uncommon in the middle-depths.

It's a beautiful specimen which is widespread in the Southern Hemisphere. They can occur in vast schools numbering in their millions. The scales are very fragile so seeing one with most of them there is unusual. There are about 100 species of lantern fish in our waters, and most are difficult to ID, but this specimen has some nice key characters which allows an ID.


Lantern fish teeth


Lantern fish scales


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